History and Purpose

Throughout human history, people have banded together to help one another increase the odds of survival and well-being, and to pursue their spiritual ideals for themselves, their loved ones, their clan, and the greater community. For the most part, each subsequent generation started their life standing on the shoulders of prior generations.

Those born during the “Baby Boom” years, who came of age during the 1960’s and 1970’s, especially those born in the United States, had opportunities to experience an unprecedentedly improved material standard of living, and unsurpassed opportunities for education, and freedom to choose their way of life.

Large numbers of that generation were drawn to “intentional communities” where, in the tradition of the first settlers of Plymouth, Massachusetts, material, physical and intellectual resources were pooled and a spiritual ideal attempted.

Many who experienced these communities made lifetime bonds and lifetime commitments to service and spiritual growth. One such group was founded in the hills of Western Massachusetts. Inspired by a young man in search of brotherhood and purpose, a few friends and family banded together to create a means to collectively provide for basic needs, and to pursue a shared interest in emotional and spiritual growth and creativity for the good of one and all. Over the years, several hundred people shared the intensity of living and purpose that evolved from that “intentional community”.

The Community Resource Foundation was envisioned and initially funded by one of those pilgrims. He shared his idea with another, and they recruited a few more, who together created a foundation whose primary intent is to provide a vehicle to assist those who were “community” members who are now facing a material emergency or other immediate personal need, either by making a grant, or referrals to other resources that could help. Please see our Mission Statement.

In keeping with previous tradition, the foundation also would someday like to be able to help fund well-thought-out ideas that will assist the greater community.

Anyone who shares this interest is welcome to contribute, financially, intellectually and spiritually, including working on existing committees or founding one to help raise funds, or otherwise further these goals.