Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the Foundation’s charitable status?
The Community Resource Foundation is incorporated in Ohio and was approved as a Non-Profit Corporation on March 26, 2007. The corporation’s Charter Number is 168-7130.
2. What is the Foundation’s tax-exempt status?
The Community Resource Foundation is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt charitable organization. As of March 22, 2007, any donations made to the foundation are exempt from Federal income tax.
3. Can a donor specify the use of funds?
Donors can make suggestions as to how a donation should be used.

However, a public charity must be operated for public purposes and not private interests. For example, making a donation that is earmarked for a specific individual is not a tax deductible contribution as there is a substantial private benefit. The CRF must maintain control over the donation and award grants exclusively for exempt purposes.

4. What gift planning options are available?
  1. A one time contribution.
  2. Recurring contribution – an amount specified by the donor to automatically recur monthly (or other period).
  3. Permanent Fund – an endowment, from which earnings will be regularly distributed as grants, but not the principal.

Contributions can be made by credit card via this website, or from your own Paypal account, or by check made payable to The Community Resource Foundation
Phil Dowling, Treasurer
881 North King Street
Northampton, MA  01060

5. How do I know my donation will be well spent?
None of the Board of Directors are paid for their services nor are any of the committee members or any staff. Prior to the Foundation distributing any grant, every recipient must qualify and be approved based upon their application, which shall be thoroughly reviewed by the Grant Committee.
6. What specific financial controls are there?
The Foundation maintains its corporate accounting according to standard practices. It files an annual state tax report. The books are subject to periodic audit by the state of Ohio. The Foundation will publish an annual financial report, which will be made available to donors upon request.
7. What portion of my donation will go to grant recipient vs. administrative overhead?
The foundation estimates that a minimum of 90% of all donations will pass through to the grant recipients with a maximum of 10% being used for administrative costs.
8. What confirmation info will donors receive?
Donors will receive a a letter of thanks and acknowledgement from the President of the Foundation.
9. What are the typical ways funds are distributed?
By grants
By loans
As per the recommendation of the Grant Committee
10. How can I get involved?
Suggest and run a Fundraiser
Assist with Social Service and Financial Aid Referral programs
Suggest, and run a support committee
Make recommendations
11. Is there Foundation literature available?
All of our published information is available on this website. Much of this information is also available in a printed pamphlet available upon request.
Write to:
The Community Resource Foundation
c/o Julie Howard
27 Buttonwood St.
Lambertville NJ 08530
12. How do I apply for assistance?
Please click here to see the “Application & Eligibility” page