Melvin Weiner Award

MelvinWeinerMelvin Weiner was a beloved and effective peace activist, humanitarian, businessman, and a former member of the CRF Board of Directors.

In the spirit of his legacy, the CRF has introduced the Melvin Weiner Scholarship. It is a $2000 award given yearly to an applicant or nominee who, by following their passion, wants to pursue higher education, continuing education, or specialized training to expand employment opportunities. Awards may also be made to individuals to aid in their pursuit of activities or endeavors that promise significant educational or social value for them and others. When sufficient funds are available, the CRF may make an award to a second recipient, as occurred in 2015.

To be considered for the Melvin Weiner Scholarship, you may be nominated by someone else filling out and submitting the Melvin Weiner Scholarship Nomination Form. Or you may apply for yourself by filling out the Melvin Weiner Scholarship Application Form and Financial Statement.

The downloaded files are Microsoft Word documents. They can be opened in most word processors. You can either 1) complete your form by editing it in a word processor, then submit as an email attachment to, or 2) print the file, complete the form, and mail it to:
Community Resource Foundation
c/o Julie Howard
27 Buttonwood St.
Lambertville, NJ 08530

Donations specifically for the Scholarship can be sent to
Community Resource Foundation
c/o Phil Dowling
40 Hathaway Road
Westhampton, MA 01027

or made via credit card or paypal. Please be sure to let us know that you wish your donation to be used for the scholarship.

The scholarship funds will normally be awarded at the annual Brotherhood of the Spirit /Renaissance Community Reunion, during the last half of August. Recipients need not be present, but are highly encouraged to attend.

Applications or Nominations for each year’s scholarship should be received by the CRF Board no later than June 1st each year.