Mission Statement

The mission of The Community Resource Foundation Inc. is to provide financial support and resources to former/current members of the Renaissance Community (a.k.a. The Brotherhood of the Spirit) who are in financial need.

The Community was once bound together by the member’s efforts to support the spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of its members, as well as to make a difference in the world. Now it is the intent of the Community Resource Foundation to further this effort, at a time when the need is great for many, and others now have resources they are interested in sharing.

The Community Resource Foundation accepts and evaluates applications from former and current members who can demonstrate need. Small grants are awarded to successful applicants.

These grants will provide assistance for medical expenses, rent, daycare, subsistence income, miscellaneous expenses and/or any other basic needs incurred by a former/present member of The Renaissance Community / The Brotherhood of The Spirit, their current families, children or grandchildren.